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Tell us about your services.

Tell us about yourself and the services you offer. As soon as we confirm this information, your company will appear on our website and will be available to receive orders immediately.


We give you visibility.

We publish your page on our website.
We also promote your services in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo so you can sell more and increase your income!


You get confirmed orders.

All orders made through “CarpetCleaning.Website” are confirmed immediately. The clients write reviews about your services which helps future clients to choose your company.

“Best appointment booking Software for Carpet Cleaning business.”

  • Our software has cool features like dynamic pricing, add-ons services, one page booking, easy schedule setup, pdf format invoice, csv reports export, coupon discount and many more that makes your booking system charming for you and your clients.

  • Credit card processing and direct deposit for your payments. We use Stripe to process all of our credit card payments in order to provide military-grade encryption and payouts to your bank account in 7 business days.

  • The administrator can log in to the admin panel and add schedules, breaks and off days. It also provides a very easy way of communication between service provider and customers by using e-mail notifications.

    Let’s get you started in just one step! No credit card needed.

    We never charge for leads. “CarpetCleaning.Website” makes money on closed transactions. That means no service fees. No monthly fees. We only get paid when you do.

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      What will happen after I sign up?

      Here’s how it works:

      1. You sign up.
      2. We double check your details.
      3. You get access to your company dashboard.
      4. You can update your calendar, prices and everything else.
      5. When you’re ready, set your company live!

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      When will my company go online?

      Once you update your availability and prices, you will ready to publish your company in our search engine.

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      Why “CarpetCleaning.Website”? Isn’t this just advertising?

      No. “CarpetCleaning.Website” is not a “fire and forget” marketing campaign or a set of glossy free-ads. We help you grow your business reputation through word-of-mouth amplified through our continual marketing on the site and in printed guides.

      “CarpetCleaning.Website” is a partnership between members and their customers. We bring together the public, who are looking for Carpet Cleaners they can trust, and businesses who uphold and operate to the “CarpetCleaning.Website” standard. Customers supply feedback about members – proving their credibility to other potential customers.

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      Do you cover where I work?

      We cover the whole of the UK.

      If you found “CarpetCleaning.Website” on the web, so can your customers. And if you are one of the first few in your area to take advantage of this, you will really stand out from the competition. Our surveys have shown that being able to demonstrate your credibility through “CarpetCleaning.Website” membership increases your quote conversion rate from an average of five out of ten to eight out of ten. That’s a potential 60% increase in work!

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      How will you monitor me?

      We believe the best people to monitor our members are their customers. The customers can leave feedback online.

      Customers’ addresses are never published, and we do not publish anonymous feedback. We also protect our members against rogue customers or deliberate anti-competitive behavior. Each month we aim to spot check and verify 30% – 40% of feedback received.

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      How do I find out how much commission I will pay for bookings?

      When you add your company to “CarpetCleaning.Website” you pay commission for each booking. The commission percentage will be shown at the ‘Agreement’ page of the registration process.

      At the end of each week, we’ll send you an invoice with the amount of commission owed.

      We never charge for leads. “CarpetCleaning.Website” makes money on closed transactions. That means no service fees. No monthly fees. We only get paid when you do.

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      How do I get paid?

      We deposit payments into your bank account at regular intervals (7-day cycle) and notify you that your payment has been sent. You must have valid bank account information in your seller account before you can be paid.

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      What do I get for the commission I pay?

      A powerful, online presence

      At “CarpetCleaning.Website” we actively market your company page on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to make sure that it is visible to a global audience, exposing you to the highest possible number of potential bookers.

      Innovative tools and features

      Highly skilled experts are constantly working on the website to keep up with the latest developments in the online world, ensuring that your page is optimized to encourage bookings.

      Instant confirmation

      All bookings made through “CarpetCleaning.Website” are instantly confirmed so you have no extra steps to take on your side.

      Verified guest reviews

      A dedicated team verifies guest reviews, making sure they are legitimate. This gives you credibility and helps future guests make the decision to stay with you.

      24/7 Support

      Our round-the-clock support team is here for you to help resolve any issues that may arise. We’re always happy to help!

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      Cost to sell services on “CarpetCleaning.Website”

      $0 Signup Fees, $0 Subscription Fees and $0 Lead Fees. Only pay a revenue share for completed jobs based on the service type and final service price.

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