8 Interesting Facts About Carpets

Carpets have embellished the dwellings for more than 4,000 years. They are the top good traded in history serving as practical floor and wall coverings. Carpets often being recognized as a status symbol.

Nowadays carpets are just as desired as ever. Here are some interesting facts about these popular floorings which will either make you smile or baffled.

Interesting facts about carpets

  • The ancient art of Feng Shui philosophy i.e. spacial acupuncture advocates that the favorable position and colour of your carpet can attract wealth, prosperity and love to your home. Orange, red or yellow carpets bring passion and energy. Blue shades are associated with the size of your paychecks and with cash bulging in your wallets. If you lack emotional safety and support buy yourself a beige, brown or a gold carpet. Green carpets will boost your creativity, family prosperity and motivation. If you don’t have time to meditate so as to improve your focus and concentration grey or silver rug will do the job. So the best combination is a multicoloured carpet featuring all the above-mentioned shades. 🙂 Remember, red is a colour of money!

  • It’s almost beyond belief that the earliest 19th-century vacuum cleaners were hard to sell because the prospective buyers were offended by a fact that their carpets are so dirty!

  • The first powered vacuum cleaner “Puffing Bully” was introduced by British engineer Hubert Cecil Booth. The “Billy” was so “light” that cleaners needed the assistance of horses so as to reach their customers. But all the vacuum cleaners in the early 20th century were too large and like trains, they were powered by coal. At least three men were in charge of operating them. The other approach was to reserve a parking lot for vacuums outside the building and the hoses were pulled through the windows! At least they didn’t have to pay a parking ticket which will amount to the price of their service since they were sometimes cleaning for a couple of days. 🙂


  • The largest Guinness World record hand-made carpet in Abu Dhabi mosque measuring 5,630 m². It can cover the football pitch as well. 1,200 weavers from three villages made it in a year and a half.


  • The oldest rug in the world is the Pazyryk rug. It dates back to the 4th century BC. It would never be discovered if it weren’t for an archaeological excavation of a semi-frozen burial tomb in 1949 in the Altai Mountains of Siberia.

  • The most expensive carpet in the world sold at Sotheby’s auction for $ 43.7 million in 2013 is a Clark Sickle-Leaf carpet. It dates back to 17th century i.e. a 4000 years artifact.

  • “Spring Time of Khosroe” was an ancient Persian 90 square feet carpet woven with gold, silver and jewels threads. Unfortunately, it was plundered and the spoils were shared among conquerors.

    And finally,

  • The word carpet has the same Latin origin as the phrase carpe diem, meaning everything is in this present moment so we shouldn’t worry excessively about the future.

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