Carpet Cleaning and Stain Protection Protect The Fibers And Your Health

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Carpet cleaning services offer carpet owners multiple alternatives for washing carpets. The carpet washing technology is advancing rapidly and you need to be updated.
Professional carpet cleaners offer various services and you can choose which one best suits your needs. However, some methods are more efficient than others. Cleaning your office carpet using the bonneting method is not the same as carpet cleaning in your living room. An office needs fast drying procedures. In your home you have more time for drying so your options are greater.

Carpet Cleaning and Stain Protection Protect
It doesn’t matter which method you choose. The important thing is that you make informed decisions. This is particularly true when it comes to carpet cleaning. When you decide about your carpet you also decide about health, aesthetics and savings.

Carpet Cleaning and Stain Protection protect the fibers and your health

Keeping the carpet clean is the goal. Stain Protection technology is now available as a valuable option. This technology protects the fibers by repelling dust and moisture. Indeed, in case of spills the Stain Protection film keeps the humidity out of the reach of the fibers. This gives you valuable minutes to resort to emergency methods.

In homes with children, Stain Protection is an exceptional ally. You will never again be alarmed by late-discovered play dough stains. In the same way, the unpleasant memories that your little pet leaves on the carpet are repelled by Stain Protection. Now, this does not mean that you do without emergency measures. What you earn are minutes and sometimes hours to save the carpet.

Stain Protection is applied after carpet washing. Therefore it is necessary that you ask for it from the professional carpet cleaner of your preference. Another of the many advantages of Stain Protection is that it protects the carpet from UV fading. It acts as a refractory film and harmful light does not reach the fibers of your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning twice a year

The application of Stain Protection is an excellent measure to protect your carpet. However, the professional carpet cleaning of spring and autumn are indispensable. No Stain Protection film is infallible to the dirt accumulated over the months. What you achieve with Stain Protection is to extend the lifespan of the carpet. It also protects your health from mold, moisture and excess dust.

It is proven that dust particles remain on the surface of the fibers during the first few months of Stain Protection application. So if you vacuum the carpet at least twice a week it is enough to keep it clean. As a result, dust allergies are significantly reduced.

Under no circumstances should you do without professional carpet cleaning service. Carpet protection technologies are advancing, but dirt, mites and residues remain in the environment. Set an annual cleaning schedule and protect your carpet in the meantime with a Stain Protection film.

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