Carpets from prehistoric times to the present day


Carpets are universal

Carpets are common at all latitudes. From the simplest mats to the most extensive carpets of homes and offices have unique origins. Because of their usefulness and comfort carpets are in everywhere. From the tropics, in the steppes, in temperate zones and even in remote regions with extreme climates. In your home, the carpet fulfills the function of providing comfort and elegance. In your office, the carpet expresses the solidity of your company. You will better understand the importance of carpet cleaning when you know the evolution of carpets from prehistoric times to the present day. Therefore we will give you a tour of the wonderful world of carpets.

Carpets in Prehistory

The concept of carpets accompaniment man since prehistoric times. Primitive man used reeds, hemp, animal skins, and leaves to isolate himself from contact with the ground. On the other hand, archaeological excavations located in the year 7000 BC the first fabric used to cover the ground. These first carpets were made in Asia.

Merchants and carpets.

Subsequently, the knotted carpet appears among nomads and merchants. The braided fabrics of camel hair were the most common. Nomadic tribes and merchants needed to move with little weight. They, therefore, incorporated carpets as an essential part of their travel kit. Travelers used the carpets to rest and protect themselves from the weather. The versatility of the carpets made them very popular.

Carpets decorated with allegorical figures appeared around 5000 B.C. In fact, the oldest record of braided carpets is found in the Pazyrk carpet, discovered in the Altai Mountains in Siberia. Archaeologists place the date of manufacture in the 5th century BC. On the other hand, in Europe, braided carpets were known from the time of ancient Greece. There are those who trace the use of braided carpets even to the time of the Phoenicians. It was as a result of travels through the Mediterranean that Europe the art of carpets made in Egypt and Asia Minor.

Carpets from prehistoric times to the present day:

Carpets have evolved with the advance of civilizations. However, the style, materials, and secrets of making remain jealously guarded by traditional artisans. The meeting points between the traditional and the contemporary are located in the technology of carpet cleaning. Whether they are hand-knotted, fiber or synthetic carpets, all it requires special care. And all the carpets and rugs require the work of professional carpet cleaning.

The denomination of Origin

One of the most curious facts about carpets refers to the denomination of origin. Just as the use of carpets is widespread, their origins are also very diverse. As a result, from the modern age, the denomination of origin of the carpets acquired a lot of importance. Asymmetrically braided rug of Turkish origin is not the same as an asymmetrically knotted rug of Persian origin. Persia, Turkey, India, Iran, Turkistan, China, Egypt, and India are the best-known carpets manufacturers. Yet, the demanding consumer seeks the denominations of origin that specify cities famous for the quality of their carpets. The rugs from Shiraz in Iran have a great prestige among experts.

New carpet cleaning technologies

The technological advances in the field of carpet conservation and cleaning are incredible:

  • Teflon: Teflon technology protects the carpet with a film applied by a professional carpet cleaner. This technology works for all types of carpets except carpets made of wool.
  • Electrolyzed water: Another unprecedented advance is carpet cleaning using electrolyzed water. This technology disinfects and removes grease, bacteria, and mold from carpets. Electrolyzed water has a higher pH compared to commercial cleaning products. If you decide to use this method, ask your professional carpet cleaner to obtain the (CRI) Certification. This is a Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) certification.

As a carpet user, you need all the information available on the care and maintenance of carpets. Professional carpet cleaning is your best choice, but interesting facts about carpets allow you to make informed decisions.

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