Enjoy Daily Relaxation In The Comfort Of Your Carpet

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Carpets and comfort

Carpets provide us with comfort, decorate our spaces and are quite handy. In fact, carpet owners enjoy more comfortable floors and the noise of carpeted rooms decreases substantially.  On the other hand, the elegance of homes decorated with carpets has a relaxing effect on their inhabitants while minimizing stress levels. In this sense, specialists in behavioral psychology affirm that the contact of the feet with the clean carpet reduces anxiety levels significantly. Consequently, you can enjoy daily relaxation in the comfort of your carpet.


China’s ancient acupressure techniques are based on the dynamics of body energy. The energy flows through the meridians of the body. Acupuncturists, therefore, point out that obstruction of these channels leads to stress and disease. To avoid these complications, it is prudent to perform simple acupressure or acupuncture exercises in the comfort of a clean carpet.

Relaxation on the carpet in 15 minutes

For the lucky people who regularly hire professional carpet cleaners, it  is very convenient to perform relaxation exercises:

  1. Lie on your carpet and extend your legs and arms.
  2. Breathe deeply very slowly for one minute.
  3. Allow your mind to rest without focusing on any specific task or thought for 3 minutes.
  4. Enjoy your body’s cadence on the clean carpet by moving feet and arms over the fibers. Extend and pick up your limbs for three minutes.
  5. Apply pressure with your index finger to the soles of your feet three centimeters from your toes. Press for three minutes. Repeat on the other foot.
  6. Again, take very slow deep breaths for two minutes before getting up.

This exercise only takes 15 minutes a day and gives you back the energy you need for the next 24 hours.

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Carpet cleaning is the best ally against stress

The techniques described above only work in the right environment. It is therefore key that your carpet is in perfect condition both in texture and cleanliness. This goal is achieved by professional carpet cleaning twice a year.
Relaxation techniques are most effective when the body perceives the comfort of the surface where it lies which in this case is the carpet. Even if you regularly clean your carpet it is not always possible to remove the accumulated dirt.

Breathing exercises reach their maximum potential when the air in the room where they are performed is clear. Therefore carpet fibers require the application of professional cleaning techniques such as steam cleaning, bonneting and pre-spray. The steam carpet cleaning is ideal for achieving the goal of an environment free of impurities. This technique removes the deepest residues from your carpet and eliminates allergy-causing microorganisms and mites.

After the professional carpet cleaning, your body and mind can enjoy spaces that inspire relaxation. Lying on the carpet and clearing the mind is easier on a clean carpet. That’s why your carpet requires specialized attention. Hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner who guarantees impeccable results.

Combating stress is a daily task that improves your quality of life. This is why hiring professional carpet cleaning is a gift for you and your family.

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