CARPETS: 3 Facts about them that happen if are not cleaned

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Keeping the carpets clean in your home is a key point in all London and even more when it comes to preventing different diseases.

We are going to leave you some interesting facts that will encourage you to clean your carpets more often for your health

Are you agree with what we are saying? Do you think that every London family has carpets in their homes?

  • Importance of keeping carpets clean

Have you ever tough about the importance that carpets can give you?

The need to being secure and comfortable in your own space it’s something that they provide you without any problem

On the other hand, for many people, have them on their floor it is a huge responsibility

Because at the beginning their look and smells very good. But when the time past they start to accumulate all types of bacteria’s, germs, microbes, some debris, food, fluff, dust, insects and so many things that even you don’t know where they came from.

That sadly they can become in allergies and cause different sickness that can affect the life of every human being and without any warning.

  • What you can do to prevent this? 

This is why it is necessary to count with a team of professional experts that can remove, renovate and ensured to you  that all the bacteria’s , germs and aforementioned are no longer in it, and you can sit and enjoy an amazing day with all the family members watching some movie or creating the best memories healthy, secure and together.

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  • Consequences of not cleaning carpets


If you have an acquaintance or family member who suffers from this chronic disease, we recommend that continue reading this article; it will help you a lot.

Did you know that carpets can cause asthma for some people? Yes!

Unfortunately, the numbers of substances that carpets accumulate over time trigger a large number of allergies that little by little turns into a chronic disease called asthma.

Also, if you have them in your room, the prevention should be double, since the person will be more exposed.

In summary, it is mandatory to clean your carpets as often as possible and if you are asthmatic or you can suffer from it, you may consider doing it two to three times a week with an expert and professional team.

Our cleaning service is specialized and fully trained to remove mites, dust and different allergens that exist in homes.

One of them is steam cleaning, which helps to eliminate and remove stains, mites and dust more effectively.


It is common on dogs and other animals, but when it affects people is because the hygiene that people have in their home.

Specifically, what corresponds to dirty clothes and shoes.

Every person should have rules and healthy habits that protect the entire environment in which they live in it with their families.

Scabies is just one of many diseases caused by poor carpet maintenance.

Even if you don’t notice its growth, scabies develops on the carpet fabric, and little by little it spreads throughout the environment.

If you love to lie on your carpets and watch movies in the evenings, mites stick to your clothes and therefore to your skin without any warning.

  • Do you want to know how they get into your skin?

Let’s talk about that a little bit.

Without you knowing it, scabies after being on dirty carpets, stick to your skin and silently but quickly dig up each of the layers of your skin and leave eggs that bring with them a large number of mites.

It is important to say that certain mites that we are talking about are very small and difficult to see.

The only way to see them would be through microscopes.

This without taking into account that there might be other inhabitants in your home infected that by a simple hug or physical contact, spread scabies.

More than ever, we must take precautions including physical contact, and kisses.

Taking this global pandemic as a lesson to improve our levels of cleanliness and hygiene is the best act of responsibility and safety that every human being should follow

  • Do you know what the symptoms of scabies are?

Itchy skin: mostly at night and after bathing

Irritation: Areas like feet, hands, necks and fingers are the most affected

Pimples or blisters: Located on parts of the face, buttocks and chest

How long does scabies last?

This it is a interesting fact that you should know, scabies mites can live on the body more than two months, if you start keeping a healthy lifestyle.

However, if you can take the scabies off, the mites are going to die in three or four days.


Everybody wants to avoid fungi in their spaces.

However, they are a type of living beings that are constantly kept in spaces like carpets

For this reason, the only way to prevent it is to have frequent and preventive cleaning homes.

Fungi in carpets can easily stick to fabrics and can even eat your carpets little by little.

The only solution we recommend is to perform a thorough cleaning to each one of your carpets and you will be totally sure that all the fungi are removed.

Also, something that you have to know is that, once the carpet gets wet because a water spill, a plumbing problem or high humidity in your home, the mold gets into the fibers of the carpets and it start getting bigger through the days

  • How can you prevent these consequences?

Protecting our families and ourselves from happening, informing us with this type of content, is one of the tools that our team provides you

  • At home, we recommend:

Good ventilation (keeping the air on at an ideal temperature)

Keep your towels, clothes and fabrics totally clean

Do not enter your home with dirty shoes

Change your carpets frequently

Clean your carpets periodically to avoid the aforementioned

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