Why should you get your carpets cleaned before a tenant moves in?


Preserve your investment value

Renting one of your properties is cause for concern. Therefore, it is necessary to implement measures that preserve the value of your investment. This is especially true for carpets. In principle, it is essential to carefully select the tenant. A good tenant shows attention to detail and recognizes that the carpet is in good condition. Consequently, if you ask yourself: Why should you get your carpets cleaned professionally before a tenant moves int?. The answer is that you need guarantees that the new occupant will perform periodic carpet cleaning. The best way to do this is to convince them with proactive actions.

The Feedback

You will hardly be able to convince tenants about the quality and value of your property unless you offer a carpet clean. The principle of offering the best to receive the same treatment is basic to the harmony between the owner and the tenant. In effect, the tenant is more willing to take care of the carpet if it shows a clean appearance. Even more so if the legal terms of the rental are clear and forceful in relation to the care of carpets.

Carpets are the letter of introduction for apartments and houses. When we enter any room the first thing we observe is the cleaning of the floors. A clean floor is synonymous with a clean and healthy house. That’s why families pay higher rents for houses or apartments with impeccable carpets. Even families are willing to pay more for the rent and security deposit if they feel the property is worth it.

On the other hand, no tenant wants to lose their security deposit. This implies that tenants will be concerned about keeping the carpet in good condition by regularly carpets cleaning. It is feedback.

Why should you get your carpets cleaned professionally before a tenant moves in?

When you rent your property you are risking your investment. Tenants must agree to take care of the rental house or apartment. However, this commitment must be preceded by a positive appraisal of the property. To achieve that goal, emphasize carpets. Therefore you should carpet cleaned professionally before a tenant moves in.

Professional carpet cleaning offers many benefits:

  1. Contract: Before renting your property sign a contract with your future tenant. In this, you register the good condition of your carpet certified by the professional carpet cleaners. Remember that not everywhere is it allowed to charge the tenant for cleaning the carpets. What you can do is establish in the clauses that the tenants hire the professional carpet cleaning once a year. Moreover, in case of excessive deterioration, you can deduct from the security deposit the damage caused to the carpet. This is based on the certification of the professional carpet cleaning that took place before the move.
  2. Lawsuits: You can avoid lawsuits for damage to your health as a result of a dirty.
  3. Conservation: Professional carpet cleaning protects your investment. When you rent your property, you require your tenant to regularly carpets cleaning. But for him to commit it is necessary that you deliver a clean carpet.
  4. Inspection: The tenant will welcome regular inspections of the property if he receives the place in good condition. This includes the inspection of the carpets that you deliver after the professional carpet cleaners.
  5. Money: Keep the value of your property by conserving the carpets in perfect condition. The carpet cleaning prior to the arrival of the tenant is an efficient strategy to increase your income.

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