How Can You Remove Stains On Carpets?

Removing carpet stains can be stressful especially if they are stubborn stains. Even though the best practice is to remove spills before degenerating into stain, it may not be possible to do this sometimes. The good news is that it is possible for you to remove these stains with ease and boost the appearance of your carpet. Read on.


How to Remove Set-In Stains

You should get hydrogen peroxide, which is available at your local store or supermarket, and put it in a spray bottle. You should then spray the hydrogen peroxide on the stain. If it is necessary for you to free the particles of the stain, you can saturate it, then wait for about 15 minutes. You should then get a stiff brush and use it to scrub the stain until it loosens up. A steam vac should then be used to extract the hydrogen peroxide from the carpet. You can also make use of cloths or towels to extract the hydrogen peroxide.

You can also make use of club soda to remove set-in stains. Club soda is best used for fresh stains but can also be used for set-in stains. You should spray the stain with the club soda and allow it to stay for some minutes. You should then take your brush to work on the carpet and later use a steam vac to extract the chemical.

Another method to use to remove a tough stain is to sprinkle some salt over it after you have applied hydrogen peroxide or club soda. The salt will help in drawing the stain along with the chemical you have applied. Take note that the result you will get depends on the type of your carpet and its fiber. It is more difficult to clean carpets that come with natural fibers.


Homemade Solvents

You can also make your own cleaning chemical at home if you have the time. You should blend a quarter of a tablespoon of soap with one cup of water. It is advisable not to make use of detergents that come with bleaching agents. You should then apply the soap mixture to the stain through spraying. Then use your steam vac to suck up the stain with the mixture and you can use your towel or any piece of fabric to do this.

You can also use ammonia to remove stubborn stains on your carpet. You should mix 2 tablespoons of ammonia with one cup of water. The solution should then be applied to the stain. After extraction, you can reapply again if the stain does not fully come out. Preferably, you can apply a solution of one cup of vinegar and 2 cups of water to the stain. The procedure is the same as with ammonia solution.

Last Resort

Removing stubborn stains on your carpets can be achievable through your personal approach but some stains can be very difficult to remove. As a result of this, you should get in touch with a professional carpet cleaning company in order to make the job easier.

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