How Long Should A Carpet Take to Dry?

Establish the washing method

Establish The Washing Method

Carpet washing methods are very diverse. Consequently, carpet cleaning methods affect the length of time the carpet takes to dry. Whether in your home or office, you choose the cleaning method that suits your needs. However, the most important thing is that your carpet is completely dry after washing. This is because the consequences of moisture in the carpet are devastating. On the other hand, you should consider whether the cleaning corresponds to the spring cleaning. Spring cleaning usually takes longer to dry due to intensive carpet cleaning procedures. Remember that regular household cleaning is not the same as professional carpet cleaning.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Vs. Do-it-yourself

Drying after carpet cleaning requires complete removal of moisture and removal of chemical residues from the carpet. Sometimes you wash the carpet thoroughly yourself however, household vacuuming is not enough to remove all the residue. As a result, there are traces of chemical products that damage the carpet over time. Worse still, the carpet can take weeks to dry. An element in favor of household vacuuming is that you keep your carpet in good condition on a weekly basis. In the long run, when you hire the professional carpet cleaner the cleaning method used will be less drastic. Accordingly, carpet in good condition requires less moisture during deep cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaners work by applying specific techniques. Furthermore, each technique or method is adapted to the type of carpet they are cleaning. If it is a short fiber carpet from a bank or hotel they will apply the pre-spray followed by bonneting. This technique is very efficient and quick drying. It can also be applied to long fiber carpets. In this case, the drying only takes a few more hours approximately.

Other methods such as steam cleaning are generally reserved for intensive cleaning. Drying takes a little longer. But it has the advantage of deeply cleaning the carpet fibers. In addition, the fibers recover their structure, appearance, and color.

How Long Should A Carpet Take to Dry?

The time it takes for your carpet to dry varies depending on the method used during cleaning. The methods preferred by professionals are:

  • Bonneting: It is a very fast method that consists of applying little water combined with cleaning products and then applying the bonnet. It has the advantage of rapid drying but its efficiency is very limited. Professionals recommend subjecting the carpet to a pre-spray that dissolves the dirt before bonneting.
  • Steam Cleaning: This is the most widespread method among carpet cleaners. It has the advantage of deeply cleaning and disinfecting the carpet. The difficulty of this method is that it can take up to 6 hours for the carpet to dry. However, the drying time can be reduced by applying the latest generation of steam cleaning methods. Lowering humidity during washing is the key to rapid drying of steam-washed carpets. Professionals, on the other hand, generally have carpet drying turbines that speed up the drying process.

Other Factors Affecting Drying

  • Atmosphere: Climate is an important factor. In winter and autumn drying may take a little longer. The decrease in temperatures affects the delay of evaporation and drying.
  • Construction: Rooms with little ventilation take longer to dry than those with windows where air circulates.
  • Carpet material: A carpet made of wool will take up to 50% longer to dry than a synthetic carpet.
  • Equipment of the professional carpet cleaner: You save money by hiring professionals with sophisticated equipment that guarantees results. Your carpet is an investment that needs protection.

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