How Remove Play Dough Of Carpet?

Remove Play Dough Of Carpet

Play dough on carpet

The play dough is a lot of fun. That’s why children spend hours molding shapes that are then placed all over the house. The play dough makes them very happy. The carpet is the ideal space for sharing fun as simple as molding the play dough. It is rewarding for parents to enjoy the carpet with their children.

Indeed, playing, reading, laughing and resting on the comfortable carpets with the children is wonderful.

However, molding the play dough is always perturbing for parents because of the debris that sticks to the carpet. Parents are always trying to find ways to remove the play dough out of the carpet The answer has two levels: the emergency level which you carry out immediately and the professional carpet cleaner level.


How to remove play dough of carpet?

Removing play dough from the carpet is a complicated task. When play dough residues are discovered immediately after it falls on the carpet, there is time to avoid further damage. The following are some emergency tips:

  •  Immediately remove the pieces of plasticine from the carpet.
  •  Scrape off the play dough stuck to the carpet with a bristle brush.
  • In case the play dough stains the fibers of the carpet place absorbent paper over the stain.
  • Heat the iron.
  • Carefully apply the iron to the absorbent paper.
  • Remove the absorbent paper.

The steps above are the emergency response to play dough stains. These simple steps will help reduce the damage to your carpet. However, the greasy components of play dough tend to stain the carpet irreparably. Don’t despair, the professional carpet cleaners have the solution.

Professional carpet cleaners and play dough

HHeat is the most efficient method of diluting the Vaseline that makes up play dough. Professional carpet cleaners apply pre-wash processes that dissolve grease residues and dye stains from the play dough. As a second phase the professionals apply the hot water extraction (HWE) to dilute the greasy residues of the carpets and extract all the pigments.

Inevitably the children will continue to play on the carpet with the play dough. On many occasions you may even find dry pieces of play dough in hidden places. But this is no cause for alarm. The HWE method returns the structure to the fibers and drying only takes a few hours. You will need to hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner twice a year to restore the original appearance of your carpet.

The carpet is a meeting and exchange place for the whole family. As such it requires special care that only professional carpet cleaners offer. Therefore, before hiring the services of a carpet cleaning company check that it offers guarantees against stains and grease residues. In addition, the company must have powerful equipment that cleans and dries your carpet perfectly.

Carpets are an important part of your home. Enjoy it with the peace of mind offered by the services of the professional carpet cleaner.


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