How To Clean Upholstery – The Professional Way

Clean Upholstery

Clean Upholstery

The cleaning of upholstery is as important as the carpets cleaning. Both share the feature of accumulating dust, mites, pet hair, food scraps, and microorganisms. It is therefore essential that you know how to clean upholstery – the professional way. Domestic upholstery cleaning is a job you should do at least once a week. This cleaning will keep the upholstery of the furniture superficially clean. Indeed, similar to carpet cleaning, clean upholstery requires professional cleaning.

Upholstery and carpets

Carpets, upholstery, and furniture are susceptible to the effects of constant use. The appearance of both deteriorates over time and therefore professional techniques are required to restore them. Weekly vacuuming and application of upholstery cleaners are palliative measures. Both procedures only preserve the shapes do not address the problem that lies deep within the fibers. The most effective procedure is to hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner and include clean upholstery in the contract. In general, carpet cleaning professionals provide both services. However, the methods differ according to the type of upholstery. Therefore it is important to establish the guidelines with the professional cleaner before the procedure.

How To Clean Upholstery – The Professional Way

There are many methods so here we explain the most efficient ones:

Encapsulation method

It is a very popular method since it consists of applying specialized products that encapsulate the dirty one. It has the advantage that it is a very fast procedure and the drying is almost instantaneous. A variable of this method is called dry cleaning. Dry cleaning consists of spreading powders on the upholstery that encapsulate the dirt and then extracted with the vacuum cleaner. This modality is instant drying. The disadvantage of both modes is that they do not guarantee the elimination of pathogenic organisms or mites.


It is a very effective method based on the effervescence of the cleaning products after its application. The effervescence penetrates the fibers inducing the dirt upwards. Afterward, powerful steam vacuum machines extract the carbonated liquid. The result is impeccable. Professional upholstery cleaners recommend this option in furniture and upholstery that require the removal of dust and inorganic residues. For organic waste such as microorganisms, this method does not guarantee the total elimination of viruses and bacteria. The drying time is approximately two hours.

Steam Cleaning

This is the method par excellence for the elimination of microorganisms. Viruses, mites, and bacteria do not survive when subjected to high temperatures. In addition, steam reduces the risk of deformation of the upholstery during the procedure. Many users are unaware that professional upholstery steam heat extraction cleaning uses minimal amounts of water. Therefore the upholstery and your furniture will be completely dry after cleaning. Another advantage of this procedure is that the fibers of the upholstery renew their appearance. Similar to professional carpet cleaning the results are optimal since they remove allergens from your upholstery.

Foam cleaning

The cleaning foams work on the fabric of the upholstery as a previous step to the extraction by means of powerful vacuum cleaners. The professional upholstery cleaners apply the foam and then proceed to steam heat extraction. The combination of both procedures guarantees the elimination of waste and microorganisms. There is controversy among experts as to the real efficiency of foam in relation to steam heat extraction. Some argue that steam cleaning is sufficient. Others believe that the combination of both gives better results and a glossy appearance to the upholstery. We recommend the combination of both methods.

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