How to Save Your Carpet From Water Damage

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Carpet Water Damage

During the rainy season, carpets are exposed to damage caused by flooding. In addition, broken pipes spilling water in bathrooms and showers, and even broken fish tanks cause catastrophic damage to the carpet. The first thing that comes to mind is how to save your carpet from water damage. In cleaning carpets after spills or floods, remember that not all water spills cause the same type of damage.

Water damage from faucets and rainwater

Not all water spills are the same. When a clean water pipe breaks, the carpet is dampened and the protocol to follow corresponds to the drying of the carpet. This is the most benevolent case. Flooding caused by rain brings with it moisture and contamination from external factors as rainwater drags in dirt and pollution from the streets. Therefore, the procedure to be followed involves cleaning, disinfecting and drying the carpet. It also requires verification of the condition of the soil and building foundations. There is no point in drying the carpet if the wood on the floor remains moist. Consult the carpet cleaning professionals for adequate assistance with this.

Sewage damage

In the case of wastewater from baths and drains, the procedure inevitably requires the work of the professional carpet cleaners. Traditionally the carpets that suffer the contact with residual waters were discarded. However, advances in carpet cleaning procedures opened up dozens of options to save your carpet.

The decision to hire a professional carpet cleaner is non-negotiable when it comes to wastewater. This is because cleaning procedures require sophisticated equipment and the necessary expertise to restore the carpet. In these cases, the procedures must ensure the disinfection of the deep fibers and the weave of the carpet.

Sewage is a health risk. Therefore, drying the carpet is not enough. It is necessary to apply disinfection methods that eliminate pathogenic organisms. Another problem that can only be solved by a professional carpet cleaner is the removal of residual chemicals. These residues from wastewater are very dangerous since it penetrates the carpet and is difficult to detect.


Carpet Water Damage: Why You Need to Bring in a Professional

The dangers to your carpets from flooding have implications for your health and that of your family. That is why the selection of a professional carpet cleaner requires prior verifications including:

  1. Equipment: The company must have powerful vacuum water extraction equipment. These types of equipment are generally associated with powerful extraction pumps. Don’t settle for companies that offer cheap services but only have small, low-powered water pumps.
  2. Drying: Demand a guarantee on the drying of the carpet and the inspection of the floor. If the floors are made of wood, it is important to diagnose the condition of the wood. Wet wood will inevitably damage your carpet.
  3. Deep cleaning: After the removal of all moisture proceed to the deep cleaning of the carpet. The professional carpet cleaner will apply the most suitable method according to the type of spill.
  4. Dehumidifier: Hire the services of a professional carpet cleaner that provides the service of renting dehumidifiers. Rent them for several days.

Are you still wondering why you need to bring in a professional carpet cleaner? The answer is simple: you want to recover your carpet and save money.

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