Learn How To Keep Carpets Clean With Happy Pets


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Children and pets are the joy of our homes. Laughter, barking, meowing, the singing of the birds, all of these complements the happiness of our days. All this happiness is however accompanied by responsibility. And when it comes to pets and carpets, things get a little complicated. Hair, scratches, unwanted gifts, insects and other details are a hassle. However, you can learn how to keep carpets clean with happy pets by keeping the following keys: foresight, cleanliness, and professionalism in mind.

Learn how to keep carpets clean with happy pets

Pet selection is an act of love. That beautiful, furry, sweet-eyed puppy is tied to your heart. And when children fall in love with a lizard, a fish, a hamster, and even a frog, love multiplies. Parents have no choice but to look for alternatives that improve the quality of life of the small guest. The immediate concern? Carpet care.

Each pet represents a specific challenge for the care of carpets. Some by their hair, others by their nails, and all them by their wastes. For these reasons, many parents are reluctant to acquire a pet. Even though pets and carpets are incompatible, you can follow these keys to caring for carpets in pet homes.


An old proverb says that an expected war doesn’t kill soldiers. Some pets like dogs and cats can be trained to relieve themselves in the yard or in the sandbox. Even establishing walking schedules prevents your pets from urinating or defecating on carpets. For birds, hamsters, frogs, fish, lizards, or other reptiles, simply design a home to keep them away from carpets.

Also, visit your veterinarian regularly to keep your pet free of internal and external parasites. The worst enemies of your carpet and your family’s health are the fleas and ticks that attach to our beloved pet.



You should intensify domestic carpet cleaning when there is a pet in the house. You should vacuum at least every two days if your pet is a puppy or kitten. Also once a week sprinkle baking soda on the carpet to disinfect the fibers. It is an undeniable fact that pets are carriers of viruses and bacteria that they acquire during walks and even living in their small homes. A nice way to avoid contamination from the streets is to put them in pet shoes. Another option is to clean your pet’s paws when they return from a walk. It’s shoes in shoes out for pets.

Although you may find it incredible, fish tanks are also a source of pollution. It is important to keep the filters in good condition and change the water regularly. Bacteria that occur in stagnant water spread into the environment and contaminate the carpet. On the other hand, it is inevitable that children will put their hands in the fish tank and then the water droplets will wet the carpet. You should apply baking soda once a week around the fishbowl area and vacuum.


Hiring a professional carpet cleaner twice a year is your best alternative. The professionals apply disinfection techniques and detect mold caused by the waste produced by your pets. A very effective choice is the steam carpet cleaner because it deeply disinfects the fibers restoring them and giving them back their structure and shine.
Enjoy your pet fully by following these simple protocols.

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