Professional carpet cleaners protect your carpet from your pet’s hair

Fibers and hair

Carpets are an important part of home furnishing and are useful for comfort, decoration and utilitarian purposes. Carpet owners enjoy more comfortable floors and the noise in carpeted rooms is minimal. The elegance of carpeted homes is incomparable in relation to other floor types. In addition to this, you deserve the enjoyment of the immense love that your pet offers you. However, owners of hairy pets such as dogs, cats and hamsters are always worried about the pets’ hair that accumulates in the carpet fibres. Accordingly, you need professional carpet cleaning to protect your carpet from your pet’s hair.
This is possible through the specialized techniques of the professional carpet cleaners and some home remedies.

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Learn how to protect your carpet from your pet’s hair

All hairy pets lose hair. It doesn’t matter if they are dogs, cats, hamsters or panthers. As part of their natural cycle our best friends change their hair at least once a year. That’s the first thing you should know to keep your carpet clean. Now, that natural condition of your pet is easy to handle with your domestic allies: Love and strong bristle brush.

The love for our best friends leads us to caress them at all times. We caress their neck, their head, their back and that gives us daily clues of how their health is. A healthy pet does not give off hair when you pet it. If you caress your pet and your hand is full of hair, it is a sign that your pet needs special care.

Bathing and brushing your pet weekly using a strong bristle brush are unavoidable precautions. In doing this, you take care of your pet and keep your carpet clean at the same time. An additional advantage is that your pet enjoys bathing and brushing because the blood vessels in his skin are stimulated which gives the puppy an extra dose of endorphins. Brushing evaluates your pet’s health and in a few minutes you have a simple and effective diagnosis; a clean, hair-free carpet is your reward.


Visit your vet

Routine visits to the vet are necessary at least twice a year. Your pet’s hair loss is closely related to his health. For this reason it is essential to screen your pet for external and internal parasites. When you visit the vet he will inform you about the recommended hair and skin care products for your pet to prevent hair loss.

On the other hand, in pet shops you will find many products such as parasite collars and necklaces which are excellent choices to keep your pet healthy and significantly reduce hair loss. These collars are especially useful for homes with carpets, because they repel pests such as fleas, lice and ticks.

Professional carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning combined with your pet’s health care is the most efficient strategy for living in harmony. You need to vacuum the carpet at least twice a week to eliminate the pet hairs that inevitably fall on the carpet.

The convention among professional carpet cleaners is that household cleaning keeps the fibers superficially clean. All the measures described so far help you to keep your carpet in good condition. Even so, only professional carpet cleaning done every six months removes pet hairs that are intertwined with the fibers in the deepest part of the carpet.

Hire the professional carpet cleaners and demand deep cleaning, preferably the steam cleaning.
Then enjoy the pleasure of sharing with your best friend in the comfort of your carpet!

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