Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Doing it Yourself

Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Doing it Yourself

The care of our possessions and the saving of money are a constant concern. When it comes to carpet care the concern increases. We want to preserve the comfort and beautiful appearance of our carpets. But we also want to save money. Professionals recommend a thorough cleaning of the carpets every year. They estimate that the average cost of three-bedroom, one-aisle professional carpet cleaning is as high as 200 pounds. While renting a carpet cleaning machine for a doing it yourself for a day can cost as little as 25 pounds. The question leads us to choose between Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Doing it Yourself. It is a tough decision.


Once a year doesn’t hurt

Before making a decision, consider whether the carpets in your home or office need recurring cleaning. The type of user affects how often the carpet should be cleaned. In homes with children and pets, carpet cleaning is much more frequent. Usually, the use of household vacuum cleaners keeps the carpet fibers free of pet hairs. However, the removal of dust mites, deep stains, grease, residues, and dust accumulated in the fibers requires the use of professional equipment.

Experts such as carpet giant Shaw Industries Inc. recommend deep cleaning carpets every twelve months. This long-standing company suggests hiring professional carpet cleaning experts once a year. Consider it an annual task that is budgeted months in advance.

Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. Doing it Yourself

Deciding between professional carpet cleaning vs. doing it yourself involves not only the overwhelming issue of money. It’s also about the effort needed to achieve satisfactory results. Are you ready to take on this daunting task? To help you make up your mind, answer the following questions:

1. Can you, alone or with the help of your family, move the furniture out of your home for cleaning?

2. Do you have the necessary equipment to carry out the cleaning?

3. Do you have the knowledge to operate a rented carpet cleaning machine?

4. Do you know the necessary procedures for the deep cleaning of carpets?

5. Do you have the necessary experience to identify when the carpet is completely free of chemical residues?

If you answer yes to at least 4 of the 5 questions, you have a good chance of successfully cleaning your carpet. If the answer is No to at least 3 of the 5 questions, you should hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning.

Your investment is in your hands

You can protect your carpets by applying simple tricks in case of accidents. The three-spray strategy is simple and efficient. Fill a bottle with water and diluted soap. The second bottle with water and vinegar in a 50/50 ratio. The third bottle contains one teaspoon of ammonia plus one cup of water. Keep those three sprays ready to be used immediately in case of a spill. The soap solution is used to clean simple liquids. The vinegar solution is used for spills of alkaline products. The alkaline solution stops the effects of acids on the carpet.

However, when it comes to intensive cleaning, the most important thing is that the applied methods follow strict safety and efficiency protocols. Professional carpet cleaning is the right choice for your investment.

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