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Carpet care basically involves domestic carpet cleaning threefold a week. Additionally, establish simple routines such as shoes in shoes out. If you follow these routines the carpet will stay clean for a long time. However, the professional carpet cleaning is the perfect and indispensable complement. Nevertheless, even if you strictly apply the household cleaning routines you need to know how to protect your carpets from furniture. Forget about furniture changes to protect your carpet. You just have to follow some very simple recommendations.

Furniture and carpets

Inevitably the legs of chairs, tables, sofas, and even the bed will maintain contact with the carpet, producing dents by crushing. It is a necessary evil but it is not fatal. A classic preventive measure is to buy furniture with legs that fit carpet protectors. However, if you already have solid base types of furniture such as showcases or full base sofas, don’t worry, there are tricks to deal with it.

How to protect your carpets from furniture

There are carpet protectors on the market that adapt to the corners and legs of your furniture. You will find everything from the rug for carpets to synthetic pads. These protectors avoid the crushing of the carpet fibers. In addition, given the characteristics of these small pieces, you can carpet cleaning whit vacuum to prevent dirt from accumulating under the protectors. Place the insulators and your carpet will be protected. But this is not the only alternative, look for the remnants that were left over during the carpet installation. These remnants perform the same function as carpet protectors at no additional cost. Make use of your do-it-yourself skills and Voila! Protectors ready.

Carpets for furniture

For those on a budget unlimited, furniture carpet is ideal for protecting your main carpet. Buy an exquisite Shiraz, Hindu or Persian carpet the size of your furniture that allows you to isolate the main carpet from the support points of your furniture. At the same time, you add tasteful touches to your decor and protect the main carpet. In addition, a smaller carpet allows you to move the weight of the furniture regularly. By moving a few centimeters of the position of the decorative carpets reduces the damage caused by the weight of the furniture.

An idea cool is to apply ice cubes on the crushed fibers and pass a soft comb on the deformed fibers. When the fibers are dry, they regain their original appearance. In the meantime, your main carpet retains its structure as it did on the first day.

Carpets for room and office

Little decorative carpets act as insulation for bedroom furniture. This is an excellent option to protect the embedded carpets in your rooms. Notwithstanding, if you prefer something simpler, carpet protectors are always an option.

Synthetic carpets for office furniture and chairs are another less elegant, cheaper and equally efficient option. You just buy them and place them under the furniture. The disadvantage of this option is that cleaning the carpet requires moving the furniture. We opt for individual protectors. Except in the case of office chairs. Those hateful little wheels need special insulation.

Yet the more efficient way to prolong the appearance of carpet elegant and clean appearance is to hire the services of the professional carpet cleaner twice a year.

Professional carpet cleaner

The carpets are designed to protect your family’s floors and comfort. On the other hand, you choose the furniture of your home that responds to your needs and tastes. In any case, the most important thing is that you enjoy the atmosphere of your home and protect your goods. Consequently, the professional carpet cleaner is your best ally.

The carpet cleaners during the cleanings assume the move of the furniture. Once the cleaning is finished, they relocate your furniture following your instructions. This way the regular rotation of the furniture protects the carpet of the weight when redistributing it towards other places of the room.

Remember that professional carpet cleaners know hundreds of tricks of how to protect your carpets from furniture. Talk to them and enjoy your furniture with peace of mind.

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