Protect Your Carpets From Harm

Protect Your Carpets From Harm.

Protect your carpets from harm is a concern in homes and businesses alike. Consequently, professional carpet cleaning is a priority. Carpet cleaning satisfies the need for hygiene and aesthetics of home or office. Mainly it protects your investment in the long term. Also, customers demand a carpet cleaning service that must guarantee the application of techniques that keep the carpet’s appearance intact. So professional cleaning and the professional removal of stains from carpets at affordable prices is possible without sacrificing the quality of the service. Even satisfying the most sophisticated customer’s expectations.


Quality vs. Low cost

In the market, there are many options to protect your carpets from damage. Even so, the best option to guard domestic or business carpets is through cleaning carried out by specialized professionals. The cleaning company must have state-of-the-art equipment that meets the carpets specifications. Each carpet is unique in both, layout and use, and therefore require special attention. Professional carpet cleaners answer all user questions before establishing the service contract. Don’t be seduced by low costs. It is important to verify the techniques and equipment available at the carpet cleaning company.

Specific Techniques

Carpet cleaning needs a technical protocol that covers both, the removal of deep residues, and the protection of the carpet integrity. Professional carpet cleaners should specify in the contract the application of the Pre-Spray technique. It is essential that the cleaning service begins with the removal of deep residues from the carpet. For this purpose, specific aerosols are applied according to the type of carpet. The carpet cleaners should provide a detailed description of the methods. They will be applied during the procedure, with special emphasis on not using the bonnet technique without pre-spray application. The bonnet method consists of rapid surface cleaning of carpets. This process works in hotels and places that require very fast cleaning procedures. The application of the bonneting without the use of the pre-spray is only a superficial carpets cleaning. In the short term, it will be necessary to hire a new cleaning service.

Who guarantees the integrity of your carpet?

Cleaning carpets could compromise their integrity and appearance. For this reason, professional carpet cleaners should have the latest generation of cleaning equipment. Also, in any case, tools that will not deteriorate your carpet during the process. When you hire a cleaning service, you compromise your carpet appearance. The use of old equipment can damage the fiber and deteriorate the color. It is necessary that your cleaning service provider use the proper equipment to remove every dirt particle and stain. Mostly without being abrasive to the carpet. In addition, chemical removal material used during cleaning must ensure that all residues are removed. This step is critical because the subtraction of products applied to carpets induces potential risks, such as the appearance of stains. A faulty dirt removal reduces the required time for a new cleaning application, which constitutes a new expense.

You are the only one who can guarantee the protection of your carpets and the professional carpet cleaner guides you in the process.

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