Removing different types of stains from carpets

Sometimes it looks like we spend all our time on the carpet: eating, drinking and smartening up. But, that’s life 🙂

Before you head to our service we can advise you on some carpet cleaning secrets since prevention is always better than cure.

The most dreadful carpet stains should be treated immediately. And here is how:

Most “popular” stains:

Nail polish stains

Your carpet is, unfortunately, an “Eye-Witness” of your beauty crisis so painting your nails and carpet often happen simultaneously. Knocking over the nail polish bottle is one of the favourite Murphy’s women Law. So you are not an exception. But the laws governing the carpet cleaning are stronger than Murphy’s.

So let us begin. Take a spoon and pick up the fresh nail polish. To absorb it more thoroughly use a cotton cloth to push the stain residues off the carpet and onto the cloth. Restrain from rubbing since you will spread the polish around and get it deeper into the carpet. Never use bleach or acetone because of their discolouring effect. Instead, you can apply acetone free nail polish, hair spray, alcohol or window cleaner.

Red wine stains

After such a hard work you surely deserve a glass of vine. And if you accidentally spill it, take its strongest competitor-white wine and pour it on the stain. Then tap the spot with a clean cloth and follow the golden rule-never rub the stain! To extract the moisture place some salt over the treated area and press it with books or magazines wrapped in a towel and allow it to remain overnight. In the morning vacuum the area.

Pets urine stains

The best cure is to stop your pet from peeing in the house, but this being a next to impossible trick to pull off, let’s stick to a more feasible plan. To remove the stain and odours pour vinegar to saturate the stain and then sprinkle it with a baking soda. It will take a few days to dry. Then just vacuum the treated area.


Greasy Stains

If you are like Bridget Jones when sprucing herself up for a date you certainly have a shaving cream. Just apply it on an oily stain, wait until it dries and removes the residues with a clean cloth.

Coffe and tea stains

It’s somehow interesting how we remove beverage/liquid stains-by applying another beverage. “Hair of the dog that bit you” cleaning tactic. So, if you spill coffee or tea on a rug use beer or carbonated water to remove stains. Soak up the moisture with a cloth. Yes, it’s that easy!

Wax stains

As soon as you notice the wax stain, it’s important to take action. The longer any stain sits on the carpet, the more difficult it is to remove. Put the plastic bag filled with ice directly on the stain and let it there for 15 minutes. Use a dull knife to get the wax off the carpet. Lay a cloth over the stained area. Iron it slowly until you get the wax off. It will stick to the cloth. Fill a spray bottle with a carpet cleaning agent and gently scrub the treated area.

If the stains are persistent call us and we will fix them!

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