Removing Stains From Carpets

Removing stains from carpets

When your carpet suffers an accident, remaining calm is the first step to saving it as panicking usually aggravates the situation. Being calm helps you to think before you start working towards removing the stains from the carpets. Consequently, the first thing you should do is look for absorbent towels without colour prints and place these on the stain. Absorbent towels extract a large amount of the liquid and also remove a large part of the dye found in the stain. To do this effectively, the key is blotting on the stain and not rubbing, as rubbing only spreads the stain and destroys the carpet fibres. This step is important in preventing the stain from becoming permanent. After this has been done, you can then proceed to carry out an emergency carpet cleaning following some proven home remedies.

One of such home tricks is to put some cornstarch on the stain, let it dry for two hours and then vacuum it off. Once this is done, determine what type of liquid it is and proceed to remove stains from the carpets. This technique does not, however, apply to stains with very strong dyes that must be diluted immediately to avoid fixing on the carpet fibre. Shaving cream has also been proven as a useful carpet stain remover. It should be applied on the stain, allowed to set for about 30 minutes and then blotted away using white absorbent towels.

You should know that your carpet is unique and as such you should proceed with great care before placing any of the commercial stain removal products on your carpets. Incorrect use of these products can lead to catastrophe and remember that only carpet cleaning professionals have sufficient experience in the use of these products. Thus it is advisable that you be cautious.


A remedy for every stain

Every stain is different in its make- up, severity, etc., as such a coffee stain is not the same as a chocolate stain. Each stain usually requires a particular type of care. Ideally, you should have the 3-spray kit, so you can respond quickly when the spill occurs. This kit is known as the “carpet lifeguards“. Its efficiency is however related to the correct use of household stain removers. The 3-spray kit usually contains the vinegar-based spray, the soap solution and the ammonia solution.

The vinegar-based spray is used to remove stains from alkaline liquids such as banana, papaya, melon, watermelon, pineapple, avocado, vegetable broths, tea, and coffee. The soap solution removes stains such as chocolate and will give you better results if you then rinse with alcohol. Ammonia solution works for spills of alkaline products such as ink.

It is also advised that during the winter when mud invades our spaces, we apply the principle of “Out Home Shoes and Shoes at Home“. Shoes that have walked the muddy streets should NEVER be in contact with the carpet.

Salt and Baking Soda

If your pet left you a souvenir on the carpet, apply salt and baking soda to it immediately. If it is excrement, remove it quickly, trying not to spread it or sink it deeper into the carpet fibres. Then apply a paste of baking soda diluted in salted water over the stain and scrub gently using a medium bristle brush. Extract excess liquid by blotting over the area with absorbent towels. Allow drying for several hours before vacuuming. In the case of urine, the baking soda applied directly on the stain cleans and disinfects successfully. Baking soda also acts as a deodoriser to remove foul odours.

The combination of baking soda and salt is also very effective for removing grease stains. Apply abundant combined powder on the stained surface and allow drying for several hours before vacuuming.

The definitive solution to remove stains from carpets is to go to a professional. Home remedies work as shock treatment and they only serve as an emergency solution that saves your carpet from major damage. Even so, the recurring stains of carpets and the hygiene of your home require the attention of professionals. It is important that your carpets undergo professional cleaning at least once a year in order to keep it looking fresh and new.

Vacuuming your carpet two to three times a week reduces the concentration of dust and microorganisms. However, only professional steam cleaning and specialized products will remove all residues from your carpets. Moreover, the total removal of stains is only possible if the deep residues of the fibres are cleaned. The specialized machinery of your professional carpet cleaner can achieve this and guarantees the result.

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