Steps to Keep Your Carpets Clean and Healthy


Clean and healthy carpets

Buying a carpet is the beginning of a unique experience. All carpet owners start their experience looking for quality and easy maintenance. Consequently, when you make the decision to purchase a carpet, take the precaution of requesting all the information available from the manufacturer. Emphasize the recommendations for carpet cleaning. This step is essential to extend the life of your new purchase. Here are the Top  Ten of the Steps to keep your carpets clean and healthy.

Top Ten of  Steps to keep your carpets clean and healthy

  1. Know the  Carpet Specifications: Manufacturers offer the consumer an instructive detailing the materials used in making the carpet. If not, you look for another supplier. You must know these instructions in order to proceed with carpet cleaning according to the characteristics of the product.

  2. Establish a carpet cleaning protocol: Knowing the characteristics of your carpet you establish a calendar for both domestic and professional carpet cleaning. Consider that it is about protecting your investment.

  3. Talk to your family:  Even involve children in the task of keeping carpets clean and healthy. It’s about everyone in the family enjoying the carpet and learning to protect it.

  4. Play fabric:  A very effective strategy with children is to offer them a fabric for games. When children want to play, to drawing or painting on the floor, or something similar, offer to use the play fabric. Look for a fabric that is attractive to children and decorated with the cartoons of their choice. This will encourage them to order the play fabric whenever they want to play. Soon the play fabric will become part of the games itself. This tactic will keep your carpet clean and healthy for longer.

  5. Shoes in Shoes out:  This protocol is the key to clean and healthy carpets. Contamination, viruses, and bacteria from the streets will remain on the streets. Place a shoe rack at the entrance to your home. During the winter, wet footwear is a source of a mold for carpets. Preferably dry the footwear before placing them in the shoe rack.

  6. Pets  Healthy: Keep your pet clean and wormed. Regularly bathing and brushing your pet’s hair is essential. Inevitably your carpet will collect strands of hair. However, a clean and healthy pet contributes to the maintenance of a carpet clean.

  7. Three Spray: It is the emergency kit of every carpet owner. Whether there are spills of products alkaline, acid or neutral. The three sprays minimize damage by giving you time to seek the help of a professional carpet cleaner.

  8. Purchase a good quality vacuum cleanerExperts recommend vacuum cleaners with rotating brushes and HEPA filters. These vacuum cleaners remove fibers while vacuuming up dirt. HEPA filters prevent dirt from returning. Steam vacuum cleaners are another recommended option. These are a little more expensive but worth it. Vacuum your carpets three times a week.

  9. Baking soda: Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet once a week before vacuuming. Baking soda is bactericidal and protects your health. You save money, and to keep carpets clean and healthy.

  10. Professional Carpet Cleaning: You schedule the professional carpet cleaning twice a year. All the above steps contribute to keeping carpets clean and healthy. However, professional carpet cleaning is the best strategy for prolonging the life of your carpet. In addition, the professional carpet steam cleaning restores the original luster and firmness to your carpet.

Ten steps to keep carpets clean and healthy. The Top Ten of health in your home.

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