The Advantages Of Using Professional Carpet Cleaning.

Are you regularly cleaning your carpets?

Great. It means that you care for your interior and your health. But what about your budget and free-time? There is a way to clean your carpets incomparably cheaper, with more durable effects, and with cost-effective investment.


Easily. Call professionals carpet cleaning.

Avoid spending your money on inferior carpet cleaning products that allegedly remove all kinds of stains in no time. Avoid the hype, since the stains usually re-appear in spite of your hard work.

The average carpet cleaning solution costs  £ 14 and you are not going to buy only one cleaning agent for the whole house. The price of the quality microfiber gloves is £ 13. Right? Not to mention various stain removal products which prices vary from £6.45 to  £ 32. So, thus far it totals up to at least £ 50.

If thinking of hiring a carpet cleaning machine bear in mind 3 things:
Its average price £ 22-30 (24 hours).
The costs of potential machine damage.
The costs of potential carpet damage.

Price of the Carpet cleaning service is something you pay once or twice a year.
National Association of Home Builders recommends replacing a carpet every 6 to 8 years if cleaned properly. Worldwide, the average life expectancy is 7.5 years. Suppose you start buying carpets in your late twenties. In the next 40-50 years, you will replace your carpet 5 times.

Professionally cleaned carpets last three times longer than DIY (do-it-yourself) cleaning so you will save your money by buying a carpet once or twice during your life.

professional carpet cleaning services

Opting for professional carpet cleaning services means:

  • You will save your precious time and effort.
  • Professionals never use the wrong amount of detergent or any other carpet cleaning solutions.
  • The equipment used by professional cleaners have much more power thus eliminating the accumulated dust and dirt more quickly and efficiently.
  • When heating the water, the machines are adjusted to the right temperature so as not to damage your carpet
  • They will not leave your carpets wet, leading to odour, mould, and mildew.
  • No residues left behind.

Any other advantage?

Yes, You will never ask yourself what is underneath or within your carpet fibres.

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