The Importance Of Spring Carpet Cleaning

The first sentence that comes up to our mind with the Spring breeze is “Wow, “My carpet is so dirty!

Ideally, we should clean our carpets each season but a few reasons like time- management, money or even laziness can prevent us from receiving “The cleanest carpet in the world” award. Even though it doesn’t exist we should award our home with clean and vibrant carpets. Let’s see why

Spring Carpet Cleaning

Mould growth prevention

Everyone should embark on the Spring carpet cleaning journey especially those suffering from breathing disorders. If you do not clean your home at least once a month, then it becomes a breeding ground for allergy-causing agents like pollen, dust mite and dirt which we all bring in from the outside. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a steady flow of fresh air during the winter months by opening the windows several times a day. A lot of unseen moisture can penetrate your carpets becoming a breeding ground for mould and fungus. By having your carpets cleaned by our professionals, most of the moisture will disappear thus preventing the mould growth.

Colour and texture restoration

Even though it’s every forensic scientist’s dream to have such a Spring uncleaned carpet full of evidence, you neither need Horatio Caine knocking on your door nor does your home need so many dusty footprints gathered over the year. They are to be charged with a crime against your carpet discolouration. Every time you walk on your carpet, dirt particles make the fibres break down. By getting rid of dirt, your carpet will have that fancy fresh look again.

Stains removal

The winter is a party season for stains. Road salt, dirty snow and slush are tracked unnoticeably into your home. On the other hand, other stains are invisible because of the lack of natural light with windows being closed and keeping the sun rays out. These stains easily turn to stubborn ones hard to be cleaned unless you call professionals to steam clean your carpets and remove the unwanted stains.

Keep your investment clean

Even though your carpet is not a lifelong investment it still costs you a great deal of money, so why not take a proper care of it? Spring carpet cleaning will freshen up all those frayed and threadbare fibres. By cleaning your carpet at least once a year with the help of professional cleaners you can save your money in the long run and Spring carpet cleaning will not be such a nuisance anymore.

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