When Should You Clean Your Commercial Carpets?

Clean Your Commercial Carpets

Where is your carpet?

To determine when should you clean your commercial carpets?. Let’s establish some precisions. Not all carpets are the same and their use varies according to their location. In offices and businesses, carpets get dirty at dizzying speeds and should be washed regularly. Even the frequency of carpets washing varies according to the type of office. In the case of customer service offices, the frequency of washing increases. On the other hand, if it is a directive or managerial office the frequency changes. These offices establish a minimum contact with the public. Consequently, the periods between washes lengthen.

How Often Should You Clean Your Commercial Carpets?

As a general rule, carpets should be thoroughly washed twice a year. This average is a product of general standards. However, their case does not necessarily correspond to the average. In offices and shops, spring is the ideal time for professional carpet cleaningAsk yourself if your office or business is included in the average? There are many variables to consider: the presence of pets, location, type of clientele, whether your business is surrounded by vegetation or sand, etc. The list can be infinite.
With so many variables it is difficult to make a decision, but not impossible. Even in your own home not all rooms require carpet cleaning with the same periodicity. Evaluate the different spaces in your office and set priorities. This is a very useful tactic to save money. In offices, the reception room is the space most likely to get dirty. It is not the same with administrative spaces where the flow of people is lower.

There are emblematic cases such as hotels, inns, shopping malls and restaurants. These businesses require professional carpet cleaning up to every two months. In them the flow of people is very high throughout the year. However, not all spaces in this type of business require the same frequency of carpet washing. The most common is to prioritize the places of high circulation of customers. In any case, only you can establish how many times a year you need to hire a professional carpet cleaner. This is valid as long as you respect the time limit that should not exceed 6 months for offices and business.

Alerts for professional carpet cleaning

Discipline and planning help save money. If carpets are involved, the most favourable protocol is to establish an annual calendar. Establish a professional carpet cleaner program and plan ahead. This protocol seems rigid, but the planning allows you to explore options between the different carpet washing services.

Planning is your best ally but you can’t always stick to it. Sometimes warning signs appear on the carpet and in the environment. Stains, unpleasant odors or rarefied air indicate that it’s time to hire a professional carpet cleaner. In these contingencies, you have at your disposal the information you gathered during the annual planning. If you’re not one of the planners, don’t be discouraged. There are many carpet cleaning services to which you can turn.

In any case, follow the recommendations of the experts and hire a professional carpet cleaning service twice a year. Ask your carpet cleaner to diagnose the condition of your carpet and then program carpet washes to meet your needs.

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