Why It’s Important To Have Your Carpets And Rugs Cleaned?

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Clean or not clean… Great Dilemma

Carpet cleaning is an annual challenge. Even if you regularly vacuum your carpet and apply sprays that kill mites and bacteria, a thorough cleaning is indispensable. This imperative need to deeply clean carpets and rugs comes from the concern about the importance of having your carpets cleaned.

Experts recommend professional carpet cleaning every six months or annually. They explain that a carpet needs professional cleaning at least every 12 months to preserve its qualities. The fibers lose elasticity and shine when they accumulate residues and dust. In the same way, your health and that of your loved ones are harmed when you come into contact with a dirty carpet.

Why It’s Important To Have Your Rugs Cleaned

It is important to have your rugs cleaned as a method of preserving the comfort and elegance of our environments. In addition, user health and carpet cleaning are closely related. In principle, the standard recommendation is professional carpet cleaning once a year. However, that is only an average. In reality, the time lapse between a deep carpet cleaning and the next one are associated with the type of user and the place where they are located.

Sample cases

Hotels, Hospitals, and Clinics:

These are the places that require deep cleaning in shorter periods. They are highly frequented places and more prone to contamination. For these places, the most practical is the professional carpets cleaning and fast application of the bonnet technique including the method of the pre-spray. The time between cleanings should not exceed six months.


Young children are a challenge for carpets. They play, paint and spill various liquids on it. Cleaning carpets in preschool classrooms are critical to children’s health. Preschoolers are susceptible to colds that usually spread to all of their peers. As a result, preschool classroom carpets require intensive cleaning at least once a year. In general, those responsible for the maintenance of classrooms keep a close watch on the condition of the carpets. Even so, the professional carpet cleaning of the kindergarten is imperative in periods of less than one year. Preferably it should be done after the summer and spring vacation periods.

Offices and Shops:

Influx of people in the business and commercial areas dirties carpets regularly. For this type of environments, the professional rugs cleaning are recommended in periods of between 8 and 12 months. In public offices, such as post offices and financial institutions with a large influx of people, professional carpet cleaning is essential at least twice a year.


Carpets are as varied as the homes where they are found. Also, homes with children require the most frequent deep cleaning. The presence of pets also requires shortening the periods of recurrence between each professional carpet cleaning. Never exceed the 12-month period between each professional carpet cleaning.

It is essential to keep the rugs and carpets clean in order to preserve the health of the whole family.

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